Our Competencies


We plan and design professional kitchens worldwide
for a wide variety of well-known customers.


How would it feel if you could experience your kitchen as more than simply a functional space – as an adventure? Can you imagine a kitchen tailor-made to meet your needs and preferences? But perhaps you don’t have the time or all specialised knowledge you need to make your ideas a reality?
Then KDREI is the ideal partner for you. We’ll provide you with the right guidance whatever your needs, whether you’re planning to design and build an entire end-to-end catering system, want advice on how to meet a particular requirement or are looking for someone to provide background support for your project as the need arises.

Our team of highly accomplished and successful staff have the experience, imagination and expertise to develop your ideas, to provide quality assurance and to implement the modern design you need. KDREI’s specialist planners will deal fully with every last aspect of your project, starting with a basic evaluation of your needs all the way to providing ongoing support to the finished kitchen. Our staff are guided in their work by established theoretical principles and key quality indicators, and can leverage a broad portfolio of tried and trusted solutions in all segments of the catering industry.

Tailor-made solutions. Worldwide.


What use are even the best ideas if there is nobody there to provide the advice you need on how to make it a reality? To be able to implement the optimally designed, modern, energy-efficient commercial kitchen you need to take basic technical conditions and cost factors into account right from the word go. This goes without saying at K-DREI. Our qualified specialist planners will provide you with holistic, long-term advice on all aspects of your kitchen, including its architecture, interior design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services (MEP), and personnel, as well as all the associated workflows and processes.


Our specialised planners will equip you with tailor-made food service designs optimised for your systems and available resources. We can also draw up designs to maximise efficiency in use of space and physical workflows. Our range of services includes all stages of planning and implementation, for which we charge a fair price in accordance with German regulations on fees for consulting work in kitchen and technical laundry design, and in back of house services.
So that we can guarantee that our designs integrate seamlessly into their settings, we work closely with our highly experienced partners from the structural and interior architecture professions and from the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services (MEP) sector.


To achieve our shared project goal, we continuously keep in mind the need to guarantee the best possible use of space and the most efficient possible workflows. We put a special emphasis during project meetings on the fine detail in your requirements. This helps us as skilled professionals to fully appreciate the ultimate goals that lie behind your project requirements. Our specialist planners are also careful to look at the plan from the point of view of your customers and employees – this helps us to optimise workflows and processes so as to achieve the most efficient possible personnel deployment.
As well fully considering operating processes, we always keep an eye out for opportunities to integrate resource-saving technologies in all areas of the kitchen. That goes almost without saying.


Transparency is an important precondition to ensuring that our work meets your needs and preferences. We work closely with you the customer at each stage of your project – from initial sketches of your idea, right up until the final result. By making realistic on-going evaluations of completion dates, costs and the feasibility of your requirements, we ensure that you are continuously informed of progress, and thus that your project will ultimately be a success. We would be delighted to take a look at your project on-site to develop together with you the best possible path to implementation of your unique design idea.



K’DREI is an independent provider of planning services run in accordance with FCSI rules. We have no business relationships or connections, either directly or through intermediaries, with any manufacturer or distributor.


We have accumulated a great deal of experience over our 20 years in existence. We have completed a large number of successful planning, consultancy, and catering design concepts in all sectors of the food and drinks sector. Every job we do is unique, which means that every new project for K’DREI means a new challenge to our staff. Our goal to achieve a unique result each time, expertly tailor-made to the needs of the customer.


FCSI Deutschland-Österreich e.V. (The FCSI’s German and Austrian affiliate)
Frank Wagner serves as president of the association.

FCSI Europe/Asia/Middle-East (EAME)

Verband der Fachplaner (VdF) – Gastronomie – Hotellerie – Gemeinschaftsverpflegung e.V. (the German association of specialist professional kitchen designers)