We plan and design professional kitchens worldwide
for a wide variety of well-known customers.


How would it feel if you could experience your kitchen as more than simply a functional space – as an adventure? Can you imagine a kitchen tailor-made to meet your needs and preferences? But perhaps you don’t have the time or all specialised knowledge you need to make your ideas a reality?
Then KDREI is the ideal partner for you. We’ll provide you with the right guidance whatever your needs, whether you’re planning to design and build an entire end-to-end catering system, want advice on how to meet a particular requirement or are looking for someone to provide background support for your project as the need arises.

Our team of highly accomplished and successful staff have the experience, imagination and expertise to develop your ideas, to provide quality assurance and to implement the modern design you need. KDREI’s specialist planners will deal fully with every last aspect of your project, starting with a basic evaluation of your needs all the way to providing ongoing support to the finished kitchen. Our staff are guided in their work by established theoretical principles and key quality indicators, and can leverage a broad portfolio of tried and trusted solutions in all segments of the catering industry.

Tailor-made solutions. Worldwide.