Authors: Fritz Lemme (KDREI), Peter Neumann (KDREI), Frank Wagner (KDREI), Peter Schwarz

Professional Kitchens has become the standard profession reference for designing custom kitchens for professional use. Entirely unique on the market, is regarded as a leader in the sector. The book provides a comprehensive overview of all the various tasks involved in planning large-scale kitchens and of the technology available for such projects. In it you’ll find a wealth of specialist advice, illustrated and supplemented by a long list of practical examples.

The completely updated and extended fifth edition has just been published. This latest edition now includes new information to keep up with the latest developments in the professional kitchen sector. The authors have also added plenty of new topics, including the concepts behind centralised kitchen planning, quality assurance in professional kitchen design using innovative evaluation methodologies, the variety of possible designs for providing excellent banqueting services, personnel planning for gastronomy and institutional catering, and energy efficiency in professional kitchens.

The book is rounded off with a discussion on operational efficiency and profitability. To complete the 5th edition, the authors describe more than 50 domestic and international projects covering an enormous range of segments in the hostelry, gastronomy and institutional catering industries. You can use this section as a rich source of tried and tested solutions to give you new ideas to put your own project on its feet.